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I am an artist whose work includes thirty five years of portrait and art photography.  Having been a commercial artist for many years I’ve done a bit of everything: illustration, animation, prop building, modeling for artists, costume design and writing -- but photography is my first love, including work as a motion picture still photographer.

Making a photograph is an emotional experience. Creating a portrait is the deepest collaborative bond that a photographer and a subject can share. The goal is to show my subjects a timeless and transcendent side of themselves. Using a vintage Rolleiflex camera with medium-format negatives, all prints are created in the darkroom. Although most work is in black and white, I also enjoy the challenge of color photography.

I am a member of The Spencertown Academy Arts Center in Spencertown, New York. I am available for portrait work within a one hundred mile radius of Columbia County, New York.


Thanks to The Snap Shop in Great Barrington, MA for their outstanding scans of my work.

You can view my CV here and the portfolio is below. 

Contact me at the bottom of the page for more information.

Self1 LT xsm.jpg

Liz in 1990 

Liz on 22 Feb.jpg

Liz today





Thank you~~~


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