Michelle, Poet and Model

Fountain, Washington DC

Ragz and Jenny, Berlin NJ

Self Portrait, Brooklyn NY

Michael, Washington DC

Alison, Washington DC

Tom Reading Genet, Washington, DC

Naomi as Edie Sedgwick, Philadelphia PA

Waitress, Route 70

Hubcap Man, Rt. 206, Medford NJ

Ragz, Fourth of July

Nanny, Medford NJ

Jenny, Sicklerville NJ

Water Wings, South Jersey

Kathy, Washington DC

Girl in Velvet, Medford NJ

Swap Meet Man, Route 206

Girl with Scythe, Medford NJ

A Pedophile, New Jersey

Mary and Theresa, Norristown PA

Ragz, Weber's Drive-In

Ragz Waking Up, Washington, DC

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